We're building a house...

After 20 years of using our Durham property as a cottage/recreational property, and co-incident with our retirements, we decided to upgrade the property to something that would be suitable as a permanent residence. Charming as it was, the "cabin" was significantly rough around the edges, and any renovation that required a building permit or inspection would be destined to abject failure. We had, for some time, contemplated building a new residence on the south side of the river. However, the cost of putting in a road, electric services etc., coupled with the inability to get as close to the river as the existing cabin is, led us to a major renovation of the existing property.

In September 2015, I wrote an RFP describing our vision for the project. It contained information about the existing structure and our desired features. By November 2015 we had selected an architect for the project: Reema Masri of Masri O Architects (MORe).

After Masri O had completed conceptual drawings for the project, we set about choosing a general contractor. After interviewing several candidates, we chose Sean Hickey, the owner/operator of HCR Building Inc..

We then began the 16-month-long process of getting regulatory approval to proceed, first with the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority and then with the West Grey municipality. Approval to proceed on all aspects of the project was achieved in April 2017, and we began demolition of the existing cabin on May 15, 2017.

As the project has progressed, I've been sending out updates to the implementation team, usually on a bi-weekly basis.

For your viewing pleasure...